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It is extremely hard to photograph resin paintings due to the reflective nature of the medium. If you are interested in any of the resin works, please contact me and I can send you additional photos and videos. These paintings really need to be seen in person to fully grasp their depth and beauty. I highly recommend visiting one of the galleries to view them up close and in-person.
See the attached up close video.


While I can not always guarantee a perfect, flawless finish to my paintings, I do my best to limit the amount of "imperfections" in my work. I like to think that any unintended environmental elements as adding to the uniqueness and beauty of each piece. 

Display resin artwork in an area that is NOT in direct sunlight to prevent yellowing or fading over time. 

Creating art with resin can produce a lot of "wasted" materials. I decided That I could use the extra run-off colored resin to make functional and wearable ART!  Thus making a more affordable alternative for my paintings that anyone could enjoy - while creating less waste for the environment!

Shop my for resin necklaces and coasters on my Available Now page. 

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