Education : BFA from the University of Delaware

Current Galleries :

  • Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery, Stone Harbor, NJ

  • Tumblety Howell Gallery, Ocean Grove, NJ

  • Main Street Gallery, Manasquan, NJ

  • Refind 43 Gallery, Bay Head, NJ

  • Finishing Touches, Spring Lake, NJ

  • Kate & Company, Spring Lake, NJ



I am a lifelong Jersey Shore local as well as an artist. I currently reside in Monmouth County with my husband Joe and two sons, Chris and Andy. 

My primary focus is painting Seascapes in a variety of mediums including Oil, Acrylic and most recently Resin.

The beauty of the Ocean has always inspired me. I love the way the water moves and constantly changes. My goal is to capture the essence of the coastal world in my own unique style so that no matter where you live, you can take a piece of the Shore with you!



While I love painting in my realistic style, (the unique way my mind interprets what I see) I wanted to push myself in a foreign direction. A few years ago, in an effort to expand upon my acrylic and oil work, I attempt something completely different - a modern resin seascape.

I was initially drawn to the depth and movement that resin created. However, I also loved that I did not have complete control over the medium and it got me out of my head. It has taken me many years and a lot of trial and error learning how to respect and manipulate this medium in order to make it my own.

I believe that there is no other medium that can represent water the way that resin can. It is messy, sticky, chaotic and sometimes it has a mind of its own... and I love it!

With every painting that I do I try to push this medium in a new and unique way.

I paint in between each layer bringing my realistic and abstract styles together.

I love the juxtaposition of these two contradictory styles, and the magic that happens when they are combined. These paintings truly need to be viewed in person to do them any justice. 


For commissions and other inquiries, please feel free to contact me directly.


While I can not always guarantee a perfect, flawless finish to my paintings, I do my best to limit the amount of "imperfections" in my work. I like to think that any unintended environmental elements as adding to the uniqueness and beauty of each piece. ​

Display resin artwork in an area that is NOT in direct sunlight to prevent yellowing or fading over time. 

Im very excited to be featured in the Spring 2020 issue of Jersey Shore Magazine! Check it out here.