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The Adventure of Benny and Sam

The adventures of Benny and Sam begin with Benny at the Beach. This is a story about a city pigeon named Benny who accidentally ends up at the Shore. He meets a bunch of animals, including a Local Seagull named Sam who befriends him and shows him around. It is a great story about and unlikely friendship and making new friends who might be different than you. This rhyming tale is about their adventures exploring the beach together.

Now that they have explored the Shore, Benny wants to show Sam where he is from, the City. Sam in the City is the second book in this series. As their friendship continues to grow, Sam is introduced to all that the Big City has to offer. These two birds are sure to inspire lots of little laughs as they explore new places together!

I wonder where they will go next?

The painting that inspired the book...

This painting, Fish Breathe, was created after a very humorous day at the beach with my boys. We watched a pair of seagulls as they tried to steal our food. Their distinct personalities were captured when I snapped a photo of them. He looked so mad, and she was so annoyed with him. It just cracked me up. I had to go home and paint them!

I loved the painting and thought that these entertaining birds would make fantastic characters in a children's book.

Soon after, Benny and the Beach became the idea for my first book.

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