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DETAILS : Colored resin set in a 18x25mm teardrop stainless steel metal with an 18 inch 2mm stainless steel necklace link cable chain with lobster clasp.


Unlike other softer materials, stainless steel can withstand most daily activities without sustaining corrosion and scratches. Plus, it doesn't tarnish so it looks good even with minimal maintenance Whether you are on a date night, or swimming in the ocean, this necklace is perfect to wear all for all occasions.


Each handmade piece of jewelry is unique... just like the ocean's waves. Creating my resin paintings produce a lot or "wasted" materials. I decided that I could use the extra, run-off colored resin to make functional and wearable ART! Thus making a more affordable alternative for my paintings that anyone could enjoy - while creating less waste for the environment!

Tear Drop Necklace - Stainless Steel

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